Kraken Support Number

Kraken Support Phone Number : +1-805-262-7025

The availability of exchange is worldwide and mostly in the US states. The main advantage of Kraken is its fame. It comes in the top 5 or top 3 most popular Bitcoin exchanges. Its diverse range of trading pairs is another advantage. Similar to other large exchanges, it has good liquidity in some lesser currencies. It has specifically good liquidity in the BTC/JPY pair because of many Japanese traders to Kraken from Mt. Gox after the hack.

Kraken Customer Service Number : +1-805-262-7025

Some common issues with Kraken :-
  • Liquidity:Fast funding process and low fees, Bitcoin dark pool.
  • Reliability: 24/7/365 support and legally compliant If the customer is experiencing issues, then he/she can call Kraken phone number for support.
  • Security: Kraken uses encrypted cold storage to keep user’s funds protected.
  • Bitcoin Margin Trading: Enjoy the benefit of leveraged trading up to 5x, with shorting allowed
  • Advanced order types: Stop-loss orders and automated trading, both are available.
  • Proof of reserves audits: Not every exchange is audited. Kraken evolved the industry for cryptographically verified auditing.
  • Mobile apps: It offers applications for iOS but not for Android One can always access the platform through any web browser or any device.
  • Two Factor Authentication: It offers two-factor authentication and PGP/GPG encryption.